Citron Rose (VEGAN)

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Citron Rose will remind you of a cold glass of lemonade, sitting on a porch during the golden hour of a summer day.
Fresh, crisp, luxurious, this is a perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one who needs some uplifting. A good but also beautiful bar of vegan soap.

100% Saponified Organic Olive Oil infused with homegrown Calendula, Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Orgamic Castor Oil,  Pink Australian Clay, Essential Oil Blend (Grapefruit, Litsea Cubeba, and Lemon), Gold Mica

The majority of soaps I sell usually contain local tallow or lard I render on my woodstove. In this soap, I am not using any animal product (no milk, honey, beeswax, or animal fat).
You can read more about why I choose to use tallow in my soaps here.
I use a combination of vegetable fat for this bar of soap. Avocado Oil is used in this recipe, which I don't use in my other bars of soap.

Cold Process Soap
I make my soap using the cold process method, which is the traditional way of making soap. The process includes first, letting the soap harden in a mold for several days, then a curing period of 4-6 weeks depending on what oils are used. 
This is why soaps in my shop are not always available after a scent has sold out.
All my soaps are superfatted at 5%, which means that some fat in the soap are not saponified, which is one of the reasons my handcrafted soap is gentle on your skin (that and the fact I am not using any synthetic fragrance or colorant).

How to use
Lather and Rinse. Test on small area of skin first, stop use if irritation occurs.

How to care for your soap

With proper care, your natural handcrafted soap will last longer than industrially made soaps. Make sure your soap is on a small dish that allows for airflow between usage to extend its lifespan.
If you don't have a soap dish yet, I sell soap dishes made close by by a friend.


Net Weight approx. 4 oz. My soaps are handcrafted and hand cut, actual weight and appearance may vary slightly.